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Washington, DC Internship

In our Washington office, internships run throughout the Fall, Spring and Summer. Part-time and full-time internships are available. Intern responsibilities will vary; however, some of the tasks will include answering phones, researching legislation for legislative staff, giving tours of the U.S. Capitol, and answering constituent letters. As a result, interns will learn about the legislative process and many other functions of a congressional office.

For more information or if you would like to apply to be an intern in our Washington office, please email your resume and cover letter to 

Wadsworth District Office Internship Program



The purpose of the Internship Program is to enable students who are interested in a District Office experience to work with staff on numerous constituent issues, conduct research on a variety of topics, assist with correspondence, and accompany staff to various events in the 16th Congressional District. All interns will be appointed by Congressman Renacci and will abide by set office policies of conduct. Internships run during the Fall, Spring, and Summer periods.


·         Be an undergraduate or a graduate student

·         Working toward a degree

·         Resume

·         Completed application form (see below)

·         One letter of recommendation

·         Writing sample


Working in a congressional office is a unique experience that provides many challenges to interns. Interns in our office will be asked to perform several duties that are an integral part of our success.

·         Assist with research and responses to constituent concerns

·         Open and sort constituent mail

·         Answer phones and copy documents

·         Plan and attend events in the 16th district

*Greater responsibilities will be dependent upon the intern's performance. Interns will not be limited to routine work.

Compensation and Course Credit

If an intern works at least 15 hours per week, he/she will be reimbursed with a stipend. All interns are responsible for transportation to and from the District Office as well as finding appropriate room and board during their stay. Our office will provide any information that may help in reducing the costs of living.

Course credit may be available to those interns who additionally participate in their own Independent Research Project.  Please first contact your college advisor to discuss your school’s requirements for receiving course credit outside of the classroom.

Wadsworth District Office Externship Experience


The Congressman understands that not every student has the time to dedicate a full semester to his district office. Furthermore, the Externship Experience is designed to expose those students to the workings of a District Congressional Office on a much shorter time-frame. In this program, all participating students will shadow each staff member to learn about the various roles of the office. For those students who are potentially interested in working as a future intern, this is also a valuable opportunity to speak with the intern working during that semester. Additionally, the Externship Experience includes an informal breakfast with the Congressman scheduled on a predetermined date to allow all externs to attend.


·         Be an undergraduate or a graduate student

·         Working toward a degree

·         Resume

·         Completed application form (below)


Each extern will need to coordinate with our office to schedule their shadow day. Also, the participants should take into consideration the date of the breakfast, and make plans accordingly to attend the morning spent with Congressman Renacci. We encourage the students to come to both the shadow day and the breakfast with ample questions for the Congressman and staff. Without the time it takes to travel to and from the office, each extern will be dedicating at least 5 hours in total to this experience.

For more information about both the Internship Program and Externship Experience in our Wadsworth District Office, please call (330) 334-0040.

The Renacci Report

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